Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Wheels in the Sky Keep on Turnin’

         More like that shoes keep on comin’  yesterday my mom and I went thrift shopping again and I ending up getting three pairs of shoes.  I’ll share the picture tomorrow.  I decided to turn the A Thrift a Day into an ongoing segment so that you all can see what I’ve been buying.
         IMG_1027While that’s good news I have even better, my brother is going to be home.  Even though it’s only for 4 days I’m extremely excited.  It’s so fun to spend time with him and even though we’re 6 years apart it’s crazy how similar we are.  He’s home because my mom and my step-dad are having their birthday party this weekend (lots of pictures from that later on).  But he also needs to pick up his car beIMG_0933cause his head-gaskets blew when we were driving the last time I saw him.  Poor guy is gonna be on a train for 19 hours to get here.  But here’s to great siblings that you love and are allowed to be really strange around because you know they are just as strange.

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