Monday, August 13, 2012


    Okay so my dog isn’t livestock but he’s still pretty cut right?IMG_1349  I love to wrap him in a blanket and call him Burtrito.  When we got him, oh two years ago, he would run away all the time.  Now though he’s just a lazy ol’ dog (not really) and stays with us.  Since he’s a hound dog we want to get a Weiner dog so that he can have a mini-me.  He’s not a good traveling dog, which sucks because I really want to go on a road-trip after I graduate high school and it would be really fun to have him with me, maybe if we get a Weiner dog I can him/her with me instead.  We’ll just have to see about that.  IMG_1352   
     There is a reason though that I titled this post livestock.  My family has chickens.  They weren’t laying any eggs so we bought more chickens that were laying from another family.  Once they got here I guess it set off something in our original chickens because one of them started laying eggs, in a flower pot.  I’m not joking I have evidence of this.  When I went outside today I saw one of these eggs laying there in the flower pot.  So   IMG_1360  
when I got to get my camera the chicken was in the pot laying the second egg.IMG_1356 

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