Friday, November 23, 2012

Birthday Fun!!!

What can I say? Birthday parties are awesome! It was my friend Abby’s birthday a couple of weeks ago so she had a sleepover with a bunch of people.  Let me just say there was a lot of food involved! I love food and so did everyone there, it was so much fun making our own pizzas and eating lots of ice cream.  We got to watch movies but mostly we were just weird and laughed a lot.  I had a great time and it was really nice being able to spend time with my friends and also some other people that I don’t normally talk to but we still had a great time.  IMG_1913IMG_1916IMG_1919IMG_1926IMG_1927IMG_1929IMG_1932IMG_1934

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Penny for your Thoughts

Yes, this post is a long time comming, but beleive me it's well worth it.  One of the perks of going to school near Philly is getting to go to the city for feild trips.  It's a beautiful place with lots of interesting sites to see.  Something that never stops amazing me is how it's always the simply things that I find the most beautiful.  Pennies or something in the sky.  The small things are what I really enjoy in life.  It's not the massive monuments, which yes do have there own appeal to them, but it's the things that catch your eye not with there size but with the thing that makes
them unique.  So I hope you think that some of the things I find truley interesting to also be interesting.  I have more about the trip itself at the end of the pictures.

     My history class took a feild trip into Philly two weeks ago.  It was amazing, my teacher basically knows everything there is about the city.  The time that I got to spend with my friends that are in that class was harlarious.  We have a very quirky group but that made it even better.  We mostly stayed in the center city area but we deffinatly walked all around.  I'd never been to the city before so this was really nice for me.  It was especially nice that we had lunch at Reading Terminal Market, which basically has everything there could ever be.  There are so many different stalls with all different food and candies and really random things as well.  If you ever get the chance you should deffinatly go there.     

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Scarlet Dreams

     Have you ever read The Scarlet Letter?  No, seeing the movie with Demi Moore in it does not count.  If you have read the book then you'll understand this: Hawthorne is so dry and wordy.  Who needs to use one sentence when you can write a paragraph?  No instead of just saying what you need to, Hawthorne makes you suffer with him.  The story-line itself is impressive and fun, no wonder they made a movie of it.  But everything he adds on to it makes it almost unbearable to read.  Nothing was simple.  But I wasn't the one who decided to read this, it was for my English class.  Which mean analyzing something that is so boring you don't really care about it.  That's how things work though, it's a good piece of literature and shows  how the author is showing that the United States has changed and just how it has changed.  If you really want to know what happens, don't watch the movie.  The first half of the movie is before the books even starts and when they merge everything is turned upside down by whoever wrote the script.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Seasons of sports Pt. 1

      This year I was great for soccer, I was on my schools JV team and while that doesn't sound super impressive to me to was perfect, considering some of the girls on varsity go on to D1 school and I would never want that. But unfortunately I suffered a concussion the day before the league tournament and had to sit out the rest of the season. While it sucked it did allow me to take some great picture of my teammates. I love the experience of being on the team so much, we had a great group of girls and while we weren't the best ever we had a lot of fun doing what we did. I can't wait for next year. IMG_1634IMG_1638IMG_1639IMG_1644IMG_1675IMG_1678IMG_1685IMG_1689IMG_1691

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Is it a bird? A plane?

IMG_1790IMG_1791IMG_1792IMG_1794IMG_1795What should I see at my last soccer game but this beautiful bird.  I wasn’t able to play because I had a concussion but I made sure to take lots of pictures of my teammates.  But my coach saw the hawk and said it would make good pictures, so of course I did.  It’s a wonderful bird but it also shows that where I go to school, while it might not be as far away from everything as where I live, it still reminds me of home with the natural beauty surrounding it.   IMG_1796

Not many things make me happier than things like this.  It’s something that seems really odd but I think’s it’s a way to connect with the places you are and relate them to everywhere else you’ve been.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


At the last football game of the season.  My class had a bake sale to raise money so that our prom would e cheaper.  We doesn’t the food look great?!?!  People bought a lot but we still had some left over…. just kidding that’s a lie.  As the game ended two of our player mothers said that they would buy whatever we had left.  It was so sweet and while I don’t know how much we raised I would guess it’s around $300.  So even though none of you where there, probably, I just feel like thanking everybody I see so THANKS!!!  I can go to prom without spending as much money.IMG_1692IMG_1693IMG_1694IMG_1695IMG_1697IMG_1700IMG_1701IMG_1702IMG_1703IMG_1704IMG_1706

People loved the food too, I have to complement my grade there on being excellent bakers.  There was something for every taste.  We got a bunch of support for something that while isn’t the most important thing in the world, is something that we’ll never forget.  Now I just have to find a prom dress!!