Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Look at that handsome face
          It’s that time again, another book! YAY!  I got to read some of Poe’s short stories for English.  Boy, that guy was morbid, and the theme of putting people that aren’t dead into very small spaces.  As it turns out he had a fear of being buried alive, something that actually happened during that time period.  A very troubled soul, he wrote some very beautiful stories albeit they too were troubled.  They make you think, it’s what the narrator saying the truth, or is something else completely actually happening?  There are so many twists that you’re never completely sure what’s happening or if the narrator’s simply crazy.  While the sorties aren't for the feint of hear they are good and I defiantly recommend them to someone looking for something different.  I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy them but I was pleasantly surprised. 

Missin’ Out

Evgeni Malkin
matt cooke
Matt Cooke
Tyler kennedy
Kris Letang
penguinsMarcbrooks   What better thing to do when you can’t leave the house because its snowing than to write some blog posts.  I’m hopelessly behind on coming up with these.  So I’ve decided to knock a couple out today to appease the masses of people that obviously read these.  To start off I thought that we would start with something that makes my heart very sad; the hockey lockout.  Yes, while I love fashion, old movies, and lots of other things that might point me in the direction of being really girly I absolutely love sports, including hockey.  There’s something simply wonderful about the sport, maybe it’s the stick work, maybe the fights, but whatever it is this lockout is downright awful.  Being the good western PA girl that I am of course I love the Penguins.  I have a Malkin jersey.  Unfortunately though, it seems as though there may not be a season at all this year.  No fights, no goals, no amazing power plays.  But now that I’ve blabbed enough about my love for this game here’s some pictures of my favorite players and my favorite team. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Are you ready?!

     So maybe it was only a college football game, but I thought it was awesome.  Since my high school team sucks… a lot, it was refreshing to see team that’s won.  In fact this was a playoff game, which they won!  The college was where my mom and step-dad went to college, IUP (Indiana University of Penn.).  It was a crisp, fall day and I got to wear one of my many sweaters.  Anywho, I hope you like these pictures as much as I loved going to the game.  Their mascot is the hawk, they had to change it from Indians, which I always find funny because during the period that they didn't have a mascot people just yelled anything they could think of.  Which I think it so funny and I actually wished that they’d not had a mascot for longer, just for my own amusement. IMG_1937IMG_1939IMG_1945IMG_1949IMG_1979IMG_1984IMG_2014IMG_2018IMG_2023IMG_2046IMG_2050
    Seeing the marching band way also another thing I loved.  They’re extremely good and their formations where awesome.  Do you guys like any college sports or been to a match/game lately?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

That Night

       To continue with my long forgotten list of books that I’ve been reading I thought I would write about ANOTHER book I read for school.  Unfortunately, until breaks from school all my reading is school based.  There are some good books assigned though, which is nice.  After reading the unknown horrors of The Scarlet Letter we got to read something much better, The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail.  It’s a play, and I enjoyed it.  It was witty, well written, and much easier to understand.  It’s also based on actual events from Thoreau’s life.  Ya, I know that right now I sound like a nerd/geek, but I am so it doesn’t really matter.  One reason that I’m going to the school I’m at is because I love learning so much.  But that was totally off topic.  It’s a wonderful play that’s easy to read and I would recommend it to some one over The Scarlett Letter SO MUCH!!!!Thoreau

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Ya so maybe Thanksgiving was a little while ago but it’s never to late.  Being able to go home from school even though it’s for a sort time is always so exciting!  It’s nice to sleep in your own bed and to finally get to do all the things you’ve been imagining doing for weeks.I love going home for breaks.  I get to see my family and just spend time with them. We’re so crazy and loud and probably really strange but it works for us.  That’s the kind of stuff we do.  I always feel that I’m myself the most when I’m at home, I’m the safest and no one thinks anything of it.  Just don’t burn the house down.IMG_2155Food is really important to us.  Basically everything we do revolves around food.  We love baking and cooking!  Pie is defiantly one of my favorite things though, there’s just nothing like it.  The food we have at Thanksgiving dinner is always special, there’s something on the table that is made because maybe just one person likes it but it’s important to that one person.IMG_2217
Another thing I love though is how my step-dad and my Mema (my grandmother) always ‘fight’ about the gravy, my Mema makes it, but it has to be done a specific way.  I always think it’s hilarious how they talk about the art of making gravy.  Maybe it’s only funny because I don’t like gravy.  Either way, it’s something I look forward to every year.  What are your guys’ favorite Thanksgiving traditions?