Thursday, August 9, 2012

Everybody’s Working For the Weekend

      Okay, not so much for IMG_1340me since I’m working this weekend but still.  After being in a bleh mood (which you can probably tell from the last post) I went into super drive today after work.  I made peach salsa, it’s delicious, finished another assignment, and made some really cool decorations for my room.  I usually go into a super work mode for months and then crash sometime in between so here’s to the start of my first spurt.  Tomorrow after work I plan on doing more homework, cleaning my room, and getting to work on ideas for this blog.  I’m sorry little blog that you’ve been neglected.  Hopefully once I go back to school I can do some blogging in the morning before school since I usually have 15 min. before I go down to breakfast.  I have some pictures of the yummy bruschetta I made last week. IMG_1338 I thought it was really good and I ended up eating most of it by myself anyway.  I think I’ll make some cookies this weekend and some peach ice cream to have when my brother comes home later this month.  Well, I put up the salad I made to, it actually had a lot more in it than you can see from that picture.  Tomorrow I’ll put up picture of the salsa.

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