Monday, July 30, 2012


     Hello out there.  I’m finally getting around to doing college posts.  This weekend I visited Swarthmore, which is a small school in eastern PA.  While I don’t want to stay in state I did like the school.  Our tour guide was really funny and made it sound like I could find a place for myself there.  The school has it’s roots in Quaker faith which is something that I’m both used to and I also like.  The atmosphere was one that is welcoming and I think that it’s really another place I’m going to apply to.  The campus was beautiful and I thought that the flowers were something I might like to see a lot.  The buildings were nice and the dorms seemed cool.  I felt a bed and it seemed nicer than the beds that I sleep on when I’m at school.  It’s been a couple days since I was there and I went to two more schools in the next day so it’s hard for me to explain everything.  But Swarthmore was defiantly better than I had expected it to be. :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Well Hello There…

        So yes the college posts will come soon don’t worry.   But for now I hope you all like what I wore to both Haverford and Swarthmore.  I want to start getting more in-depth with my posts but honestly sometimes I feel like most of my life is boring to everyone else.  But I’ve also realized that while this blog is public it’s also my place.  If I want to tell everyone about my boring like than I can do that, it’s my right.  Anywho thanks everyone for reading, or at least looking at the beginning of the blog, I hope you all like my outfit.IMG_1322IMG_1324 IMG_1326
Shirt: Thrifted      Shorts:   Thrifted      Shoes: Kohl’s    Jewelry : Inherited

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blue Skies

Skirt:made/thrifted    Tank:Old Navy     Earrings:Free Trade     Shoes(not shown)  Old Navy   Bracelet: Premier Designs 
     I wore this yesterday to travel to Harrisburg in.  I made the skirt from an old dress my friend gave me.  It's very soft and I'm glad I was riding in the car in it.  It's really nice to have a pretty skirt to be able to travel in.  I didn't feel like straightening my bangs so I twisted them back and added some other twists to give it an airy, summery feel.  The maxi shirt is a great thing.  Even though I'm short I still like wearing them.


Shirt: Beaver Island   Shorts: OldNavy   Shoes: Thrifted/Timberland      Bag:Thrifted     Ring:Inheirited
      So it only took me a lot longer than I thought it would but here's my first outfit.  I wore this to the fair Monday to see my friends.  The boots were a good idea because it was so dusty and my friends that were wearing sandals had lines of dirt on thier feet.  I got the shirt I was wearing on Beaver Island Music Fesitval.  That was so fun and spending the night with my brother and other people from the island.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lazy Daze

      So I didn't post my outfit oops.   I had to finish an essay and pack.  But mostly I just decided to have a lazy day and not really do anything after a very busy trip.  I'll be taking my computer with me on my next snint away so tomorrow afternoon I should post my outfit from yesterday and tomorrow's outfit.  Hope you all had a lovely weekend and begining of the week!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Top 10 FOOD!!

    So I just got back from the fair in my county and all I could think off was how much food there was everywhere.  This made me think to do my first top ten baised on something I love very very much, FOOD!!!  So for this top ten I couldn't put them in order (way to hard :).
    10.  Hot Chocolate- I know it's probably not techically
                                                                 a food but in my book it is.
    9. Strawberries- they're so delicious and they can go on so many desserts.
     8. POPCORN!!!!- need I say more??
    7.Burgers- the perfect food to watch sports with.
    6. BBQ ribs- just the way my Mom makes them, who would want anyone else's?!
   5. Cereal- I know it's a broad theme but there's so many good ones to choose from that I just can't.
   4.  Saltines- I know it sounds really odd but I could just cuddle up with a book and eat these all day.
   3.  Potatos- Since my family is German-Irish starches are very important to us, and me being the good-ole' girl I am LOVE potatos.
    2.  Mango- so tasty and can be used for so many things.
   1. Pizza- Come on who's list would this not be on?!?!

  So there you have it the top 10 of my favorites foods.  What are your favorite foods?
P.S. Tomorrow will be my first style post of what I wore today to the fair!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Almost Gone

     Today's my last full day on Beaver Island, tomorrow we have to be at the boat by 10 to get a ferry.  The last two weeks were awesome.  Last night we went to the island's music festival.  I've learned so much and I love how beautiful the island is.  I don't think I'm ready to leave yet but I guess it's time.  At the end of this week I go to more colleges so I might even put up style pictures of what I wear for my tours.  I'm mostly sad I think that my time with one of my brothers is almost over.  He's one of my best friends and has taught me so much.  But tonight is a night for celebration!  So I think I'll have some pictures of us eating and have ice cream, maybe some playing cards!  But for now I'll think about how much fun I had and showing you guys all the pictures I have.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Top 10s

     I've decided to start doing some top 10s to liven up the blog a bit.  They can be about things I want, movies, ect.  If you guys have any suggestions just leave a comment!


            So I realized how bland my blog must have looked, I didn't put any pictures on.   I think I've realized a lot just how much pictures can make everything look even cooler.  But I also think I'm starting to develope my blogging style more.  When I get back to school and can wear whatever I want everyday I'm going to start some style things.   But I also think one thing about haveing a blog is that you nrealize a lot about yourself and everything that you think is important.  Very slowly people are seeing this and while they aren't commenting I think I'm okay with that because it gives me the picture of someone finding this page.  Maybe somday someone will comment and become a steady reader (I should probably change format and make this whole thing a bit more interesting first though).  It's all about the chance that that does happen and having that thought makes me really happy.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Life n stuff

     So I've been posting a lot about colleges but I have really said anything about what's going on with me right now.  I'm helping my brother with his plant study, but I've also been doing other things.  I can now drive a manual transmission pretty well.  But I really wanted to share some prictures from the past week or so.

U of Chicago!!

curdosy of Google
      Hey everybody!  As I mentioned my brother and I toured the University of Chicago last week and this is what I'm currently thinking about.  First of all, Chicago would be a great place to be able to go to school, there's so much to do and I would be great to live in a city that loves its football.
     The information secssion made the school sound like it had many options and it really gave you the oppurtunity to explore before you decide what to major in, however I wouldn't get any credit for the college level classes I take in high school which is a total bummer. :(
      However, just about everything else made the school sound awesome, they have a ton of coffee shops ( I just have to grow my fondness for coffee first) and the buildings were beautiful.
     The thing was that while I think Chicago is a great place and I would be really happy there I want to see what the New England region would hold for me.  I think that I would be great there (I'm big on winter and cool summers).  I also want to consider the Northwest which really has my kind of weather and it seems to have the type of cities I want, but now I'm just blabering. 
    Overall I thought that University of Chicago could possibly be somewhere I could see myself.  I got a feel there that I didn't get from Dickinson.   What are your thoughts?
Also from Google

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dickinson College

       Well here it goes, my first college post.  I forget exactly when, but about a month ago I went to an infromation session and a tour of Dickinson College in Carlise PA.  The school meet a lot of the things I want, nice dorms, small class size, an abroad program, and others.  The school had less diversity than I hope for.  While I don't want to go abroad for 4 years I do want a variety of people.  There was also the location.  It's in a great place and the town is wonderful, but it's only about 2 and a half hours from my hometown.  I'm use to being 4 hours away for most of the time.  One thing I want to to explore other parts of the country.  I love PA, its a great place and I love going home, but I want to get out of my comfort zone a bit and see what other places would work for me. 
      You should all know about the feeling you get from a place and how it makes you feel.  I want a place that I know feels right to me, and unfortunatly Dickinson doesn't have that feel.  Everything about it is nice, the town, the facilities, the classes sound fantastic, however there's something about it that it's hard for me to think of myself there.
       Hopefully I find a place that I think I could find myself.   Well next time is U of Chicago!

Friday, July 13, 2012


So I'm starting the search for the perfect college for me.  I thought that I would start a newseries of my college tours and my thoughts of the process and where I thik I'm going to go.  It's gonna take a while before I know where I'm going I still have two year of high school left!


I haven't written in what seems like forever.  It's because I've been roadtripping (kind of).  I flew to Chicago to spend most of July with my brother in nothern Michigen.  But before we did that I spent some time at his apartment and we went to visit U of Chicago.  Now we're up on  an island in lake Michigen.  Since he's a bio major we're working on his senior project with his teacher looking at plants.  Needless to say I've been in the like almost every day and have sunburn everywhere but I wouldn't change anything.  It's been such a great experience so far.  I'll put picture up soon.  Most of them are of the places we've been surveying but I still think they're cool.  What have you all been up to?  How was your 4th of July, I spent mine in airports and I car.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Paying Taxes

       Yes it's official, I pay taxes.... well not really I'm not going to make enough to pay taxes next April but I got my first 8 hour shift in today.  I was hard, but I was really nice to be able to get to know some of the people I'm working with better.  I think that having people you like surrounding you while your doing something you might not like as much improves the situation so much.  So for everyone out there that might not like the job their in right now ( first of all try to find a new job, BUT until then) enjoy those who surround you, if they aren't great either then get out!  I hope everyone is enjoying thier summers' whether they're working or not.
                                                                               Loves, Quinn