Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ante Up

           For my mom’s and my step-dad’s birthday we have a party every year that has to do with the age they turn.  Since they turned 51 last year we had an Area 51 party.  This year since there are 52 cards in a deck we had a party that was card themed.  IMG_1406I decorated the tents and there was sooo much food.  It was fun to see all of their friends again.  IMG_1408IMG_1419IMG_1474IMG_1480  The thing I love most about working on a party is, well I love a lot of it actually.  The planning is so fun because you can start to envision how everything is going to work.  My other favorite part is deffiatly the decorating.  It’s so much fun to see a place come together into something that is not only beautiful but if fun and fits with the rest of the party.Party’s are always something that brings a lot of fun to everyone that is involved.   Party’s aralso a way to show your creativity, having people look at what you did and thinking it amazing makes it all worth the time and the effort that you put into it,
We played blackjack and we decided to donate money to our local humane society so we had people donate and we played some blackjack for fun.  I got to deal for awhile which is always fun.

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