Monday, May 27, 2013

Summertime Sadness

     Well, it's not exactly summertime for me yet.  I still have a week of classes and exams, but senior prom and graduation were this weekend.  This is means that my prefects and all my friends that were seniors are now gone and I'm almost a senior myself.  The people that left are the ones who have been here all three years I have and now they aren't here.  People graduate every year but these people were the ones that guided us the most.  I cried so much over the past weekend, and while it's sad to see them go, it's also something incredible.  I've worked so hard and now it's my turn to be on top so to speak.  But more importantly my prefect that I got closest with is gone, but she was fantastic and if she read this I know she would cry,  and even though she probably won't see this I want to thank her for everything she did for me.  She helped me embrace my weirdness and always had me laughing.  I wish all the graduates the best luck in everything that they do from here.

The first picture are of me and my prefect, the last two are of me and one of my friends.  We lived in the same dorm and had Bio together.  She's hilarious and I'll miss her, I'll miss them both, but I know that I'll see them relatively soon.  They've made it so far and will continue to be great people.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


  Now that the school year is winding down and I have slightly more time it's easier for me to blog.  Many schools are having their proms now but my school's junior prom was in early April.  Yeah, that's pretty early but it was still really fun.  I didn't go with a date but I had so much fun with all of my friends so it doesn't really matter.  A kid in my grade was the DJ which was cool but he didn't play whole songs which was kinda weird.  Overall though IT WAS AWESOME!!!  So here are some pictures from before prom on the square of my school.

There are more on facebook but I'm slightly to lazy to put them up, I might later though.  If any of you are having you prom soon I hope it's fun!