Monday, July 30, 2012


     Hello out there.  I’m finally getting around to doing college posts.  This weekend I visited Swarthmore, which is a small school in eastern PA.  While I don’t want to stay in state I did like the school.  Our tour guide was really funny and made it sound like I could find a place for myself there.  The school has it’s roots in Quaker faith which is something that I’m both used to and I also like.  The atmosphere was one that is welcoming and I think that it’s really another place I’m going to apply to.  The campus was beautiful and I thought that the flowers were something I might like to see a lot.  The buildings were nice and the dorms seemed cool.  I felt a bed and it seemed nicer than the beds that I sleep on when I’m at school.  It’s been a couple days since I was there and I went to two more schools in the next day so it’s hard for me to explain everything.  But Swarthmore was defiantly better than I had expected it to be. :)

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