Tuesday, July 17, 2012

U of Chicago!!

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      Hey everybody!  As I mentioned my brother and I toured the University of Chicago last week and this is what I'm currently thinking about.  First of all, Chicago would be a great place to be able to go to school, there's so much to do and I would be great to live in a city that loves its football.
     The information secssion made the school sound like it had many options and it really gave you the oppurtunity to explore before you decide what to major in, however I wouldn't get any credit for the college level classes I take in high school which is a total bummer. :(
      However, just about everything else made the school sound awesome, they have a ton of coffee shops ( I just have to grow my fondness for coffee first) and the buildings were beautiful.
     The thing was that while I think Chicago is a great place and I would be really happy there I want to see what the New England region would hold for me.  I think that I would be great there (I'm big on winter and cool summers).  I also want to consider the Northwest which really has my kind of weather and it seems to have the type of cities I want, but now I'm just blabering. 
    Overall I thought that University of Chicago could possibly be somewhere I could see myself.  I got a feel there that I didn't get from Dickinson.   What are your thoughts?
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