Monday, July 23, 2012

Top 10 FOOD!!

    So I just got back from the fair in my county and all I could think off was how much food there was everywhere.  This made me think to do my first top ten baised on something I love very very much, FOOD!!!  So for this top ten I couldn't put them in order (way to hard :).
    10.  Hot Chocolate- I know it's probably not techically
                                                                 a food but in my book it is.
    9. Strawberries- they're so delicious and they can go on so many desserts.
     8. POPCORN!!!!- need I say more??
    7.Burgers- the perfect food to watch sports with.
    6. BBQ ribs- just the way my Mom makes them, who would want anyone else's?!
   5. Cereal- I know it's a broad theme but there's so many good ones to choose from that I just can't.
   4.  Saltines- I know it sounds really odd but I could just cuddle up with a book and eat these all day.
   3.  Potatos- Since my family is German-Irish starches are very important to us, and me being the good-ole' girl I am LOVE potatos.
    2.  Mango- so tasty and can be used for so many things.
   1. Pizza- Come on who's list would this not be on?!?!

  So there you have it the top 10 of my favorites foods.  What are your favorite foods?
P.S. Tomorrow will be my first style post of what I wore today to the fair!

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