Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Look at that handsome face
          It’s that time again, another book! YAY!  I got to read some of Poe’s short stories for English.  Boy, that guy was morbid, and the theme of putting people that aren’t dead into very small spaces.  As it turns out he had a fear of being buried alive, something that actually happened during that time period.  A very troubled soul, he wrote some very beautiful stories albeit they too were troubled.  They make you think, it’s what the narrator saying the truth, or is something else completely actually happening?  There are so many twists that you’re never completely sure what’s happening or if the narrator’s simply crazy.  While the sorties aren't for the feint of hear they are good and I defiantly recommend them to someone looking for something different.  I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy them but I was pleasantly surprised. 

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