Thursday, December 6, 2012

That Night

       To continue with my long forgotten list of books that I’ve been reading I thought I would write about ANOTHER book I read for school.  Unfortunately, until breaks from school all my reading is school based.  There are some good books assigned though, which is nice.  After reading the unknown horrors of The Scarlet Letter we got to read something much better, The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail.  It’s a play, and I enjoyed it.  It was witty, well written, and much easier to understand.  It’s also based on actual events from Thoreau’s life.  Ya, I know that right now I sound like a nerd/geek, but I am so it doesn’t really matter.  One reason that I’m going to the school I’m at is because I love learning so much.  But that was totally off topic.  It’s a wonderful play that’s easy to read and I would recommend it to some one over The Scarlett Letter SO MUCH!!!!Thoreau

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