Sunday, April 14, 2013

     Well hello again.  I could make up some excuse about why I haven't posted in awhile, and let me tell you there are plenty.  I haven't had my good camera, too much school work, practice, rehearsal, crappy weather   And yes, those are all true but in reality I've just kinda hit a bit of a rough patch.  I honestly have kinda forgotten a bunch of things, and generally haven't been myself.  More importantly I wasn't sure what to put on here.  Not many people see this so it shouldn't really matter but I never know.  More personal, less personal, more clothes, more sports, more just talking.  I don't know, I wish I did, it's hard to try and keep up with this while doing 14 different things, but I really liked it.  Even when no one saw it (which is still now).  Sometimes I wish that I could do a bunch of different things.  I wish I could post make-up tutorials  and how I do my nails.  I wish I could just carry anyone who wanted to know in my pocket.  With all of that though I have been back to myself a bit more lately, so if you were worrying (which I'm sure you weren't).  No longer because I promise to update much more regularly.  As often as I can, after this next week I should I a bit more time.  I've been up to a lot of there will be a lot of information thrown at you all.  I'm really excited for this new chapter, I may not have been completely up for everything but I've definitely grown and changed but I'm okay with that.  Talk to you lovely people soon.
         Quinns xx.    
(P.S. I don't know when but the layout is getting changed soon.)

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