Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Ya so maybe Thanksgiving was a little while ago but it’s never to late.  Being able to go home from school even though it’s for a sort time is always so exciting!  It’s nice to sleep in your own bed and to finally get to do all the things you’ve been imagining doing for weeks.I love going home for breaks.  I get to see my family and just spend time with them. We’re so crazy and loud and probably really strange but it works for us.  That’s the kind of stuff we do.  I always feel that I’m myself the most when I’m at home, I’m the safest and no one thinks anything of it.  Just don’t burn the house down.IMG_2155Food is really important to us.  Basically everything we do revolves around food.  We love baking and cooking!  Pie is defiantly one of my favorite things though, there’s just nothing like it.  The food we have at Thanksgiving dinner is always special, there’s something on the table that is made because maybe just one person likes it but it’s important to that one person.IMG_2217
Another thing I love though is how my step-dad and my Mema (my grandmother) always ‘fight’ about the gravy, my Mema makes it, but it has to be done a specific way.  I always think it’s hilarious how they talk about the art of making gravy.  Maybe it’s only funny because I don’t like gravy.  Either way, it’s something I look forward to every year.  What are your guys’ favorite Thanksgiving traditions?

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