Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Missin’ Out

Evgeni Malkin
matt cooke
Matt Cooke
Tyler kennedy
Kris Letang
penguinsMarcbrooks   What better thing to do when you can’t leave the house because its snowing than to write some blog posts.  I’m hopelessly behind on coming up with these.  So I’ve decided to knock a couple out today to appease the masses of people that obviously read these.  To start off I thought that we would start with something that makes my heart very sad; the hockey lockout.  Yes, while I love fashion, old movies, and lots of other things that might point me in the direction of being really girly I absolutely love sports, including hockey.  There’s something simply wonderful about the sport, maybe it’s the stick work, maybe the fights, but whatever it is this lockout is downright awful.  Being the good western PA girl that I am of course I love the Penguins.  I have a Malkin jersey.  Unfortunately though, it seems as though there may not be a season at all this year.  No fights, no goals, no amazing power plays.  But now that I’ve blabbed enough about my love for this game here’s some pictures of my favorite players and my favorite team. 

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