Saturday, August 10, 2013

Slight Detour

   I went on a family vacation last month.  While my family sometimes goes on trips we haven't really had a vacation with all of us there in a long time.  So we rented a minivan (never again I hated every second of that car) and took the 12 hour journey to Maine.  We were there for a week and did some pretty cool stuff.  We also ate a lot.  Not that i'm surprised seeing as me and my brothers could basically eat for a living.  Maine is a beautiful place and I think my favorite part was just seeing the nature that was everywhere.  The smell of salt-water wasn't that bad either.  So I thought I would share some pictures of the trip.

I really liked it when the weather was kinda gloomy.  It gave the whole place a mysterious glow.  

                  These pictures are from a botanical garden we went to.  It was acres and acres of just wonderful plants.  They were all native to the region so it really added to the whole experience.

     Now for a little embarrassment on my part.  My family bet me to fit five triple-double oreos in my mouth for $60.  My brother thought it would be great to photograph it and I couldn't not share the pictures with you.

The Sunsets were simply gorgeous and I loved how they reflected off the water.

Where have you guys been going this summer?

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