Thursday, June 27, 2013

Travel Top Ten Pt. 2

   Last time I had brought up this subject I told you guys all about 5 of the places that I hope to travel to one day.  Well the title does say top ten and not top five so here are the another 5 places that I hope to be able to travel to one day.

     6) Germany:  As one of the places that I get my fabulous good looks (hahahahaha) from, I've always had a curiosity about Germany.  One of my best friends is from Germany and she makes it sound like such a beautiful place and I want to see it for myself.  Ya know, to compare the notes and see what it's really like.

   7)Cuba: Call me crazy, but I'm not backing down on this one.  I know it may seem very weird, but stay with me.  I know that the countries haven't had the best relationship but I don't think that it should be the reason that keeps people from going there and exploring.  I also think it would be a great opportunity to do service.  What could be better than going somewhere that we weren't even allowed in for many years?  They also still drive old cars which I think is pretty cool.

   8) South Africa: A place full of very intense history and natural beauty.  I sound like a travel brochure but I don't see those as bad reasons for wanting to go somewhere.  What's stopping besides money.  I also may have the opportunity to go there next year with my school, which would be incredible.  I just think it would be so cool.  Besides they have cool accents.

Now these last two are my top two and while some people might group them together I wanted to have them as two separate entities.

    9) Ireland: Yes, that's right, you've caught me.  I have this thing, where I would love to go there.  I think that the country is so beautiful and while I would definitely visit the cities I think I would prefer to stay in the countryside.  Somewhere that I could just take pictures to my hearts content and see everything I've always wanted to.  Also, since when I would go I would be of legal age there I wouldn't mind a good pint or two, just to add to the experience.  I just think it's a fascinating place.

10) England: Now do you see why the made the last two different?  I know some might just call it the UK and end it there, but in my mind they aren't.  Now very much unlike with Ireland I would probably spend most of my time in the city and then spend shorter periods out in the countryside.  No doubt both are amazing in their own way.  However, if I were to go I just think that's how my time there would pan out.  This is one of the more plausible trips for me.  My Mom has basically agreed that if I can make enough money this summer and throughout the next school year then I can go after I graduate for the summer.  This would be an amazing opportunity for me and if it were to happen I might just cry. Hope that wasn't too much.

      Well now that you know where I would like to go, what are some places that you would like to go to?

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