Sunday, August 18, 2013


   Hey all. It's time for another top ten.  I know I've been doing them a lot and believe me, I have other posts planned so don't worry.  But this one is pretty fun.  Music is something that everyone enjoys because there are just so many different kinds of it.  There's something for everyone, but actually.  If you want to listen to a certain type of music, it's definitely out there just waiting for you to come and find it.  I just think that it's very interesting to look at a person and then see what kind of music they like to listen to.  Now that I've blabbed enough, here's my list of my current Top Ten favorite music artists (in no order there's no way that could possibly happen).

10) The Ramones: I had to go with a classic that basically has defined my life.  There is so much to say about them that I don't want to say too much.  That made absolutely no sense but I just feel as though there is no need to try and have people understand why I love them so much.

9) Theory 59: They don't have a huge huge following, but they're amazing.  If you have a Spotify account go listen to their songs because you'll find yourself loving all of them. Seriously though, I'm not kidding, they have so much talent.

8) Lewis Watson: This kid is amazing, I say kid but he is older than me.  This Brit has a gift for writing songs that mesmerize me.  These are the songs that you listen to when you need to calm down, or that you listen to when you're having a bad day.  You feel what he feels when singing.  I love all of his songs.  Of course I have favorites though.

7) The Neighbourhood: Although I only recently learned about them, I can say this.  Their album is flawless.  Every track on it is amazing and I love the lyrics.  They can be a bit odd.  But what's good music without a bit of oddness to it?  If it was all so straight forward I don't think I would find it as amusing.

6)Ed Sheeran:  I can hear the fan girls now thanking me or telling me how much I suck.  Either way, I don't really care that much.  Maybe I'll sound like I have describing every other artist on here, but here are my thoughts.  He sings about almost everything, he writes some kick ass lyrics, his story is pretty cool, and lets face it his voice is pretty awesome.  He's another artist that I listen to when I need to focus  or calm down.

5) MGK (a.k.a. Machine Gun Kelly): Basically a huge change from the other artists I've mentioned, but hey I love his music. He's someone else who has an amazing story and channels that into his music very well.  I love blasting his music when I drive because it pumps me up, is that too weird?

4) T. Mills: Another one that may come as a surprise, but hey, I like his music.  It's raucous and makes me rap really badly along with him.  I love doing that, I'm sure you all have music that you do that to.  I mean I;m pretty sure every does.  I hope.

3) Panic! At The Disco: Every song on their first and third album is spectacular.  The second album was hit and miss for me, but hey it happens.  I also happen to love their music videos.  They make me so happy and I can't really explain it.  But their music is amazing and they're so incredibly talented.

2) The Vamps: I found them on YouTube.  They only have one single out; for now.  Their first album is coming soon and I couldn't be more excited for it.  This group of boys have some spectacular covers up.  They made a Justin Beiber song sound good.  That's how good they are.  Do I really need to explain it much more.

1) Lana Del Rey: She has a voice of gold and her songs are so good.  All of them.  She's just so fabulous, stylish, and so sweet to her fans.  Her music is amazing and so are her music videos.  I could probably just go on and on about how much I love her so I'll stop now.

    So those are my top ten favorite music artists.  Some runners up were: Johhny Cash, Bastille,  The 1975, and The Paper Kites.  Who are some of your favorite musical artists?

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