Tuesday, July 22, 2014


    Have you ever really taken a risk?  I'm not talking about trying something new on a menu, which I suppose in it's own way is a risk, but something that really could change things.  I'd like to think in my life I've taken a couple of those types of risks.
     For starters I did have the gran opportunity to go away to boarding school when I was 14.  It's something I was scared about, but let me just tell you, every second of it was worth it, even the terrible seconds.  I firmly believe that I made some lifetime friends there and I was able to have friendships with teachers who helped me in many more ways outside of the subject they taught.  I got to live in a dorm, which had it's ups and downs, plenty of late nights, and bathrooms parties.  I actually almost punched a wall in my last dorm, like four times.  I would put this risk in the turned out well category.
    After I graduated in May, post to come, I decided at small town PA wasn't for me at the moment and decided to move in with my brother for the summer.  So I packed two bags and drove 9 hours to Grand Rapids, MI.  Beer City USA as some have called it.  This too I see as a risk, considering that finding summer employment for me has been basically impossible.  I was able to find some good volunteer work though, which is a plus.  It has also been a bit odd being around my brother for this long, we haven't really lived together in years, but I think it has been really good for us.  I think that he, and his girlfriend, have really helped me in many ways.  Being able to explore in a judgement free environment is nice, and a bit odd for me.  Even if I haven't been able to make much money, this was another risk that I would put it in the good category.  Don't worry Grand Rapids, I'll be back for Christmas.
    The next risk I'm going to be embarking on is another big one,  good ole college.  I will be moving far again, to a nice little town about 40 minutes outside of Boston.  It seems like I haven't been able to stay in one place for too long.  I'm not sure how this risk is going to end for me.  It's costing a great deal more then I was hoping for, and I worry that I won't fit in with the population there.  After all I'm a small town girl, who went to a Quaker school, and is learning to play the banjo.  What if I'm not challenged, or I don't get everything that I was hoping to out of the experience?  What if I hate my roommate, after my wonderful experience with my roommate this year I don't really want another roommate.  This is the risk that I think I'm the most worried about. I feel like I'm more worried about this then I was to leaving my house at 14.
    There are many risks I know I'll have to deal with in the future, aren't they what makes life interesting, albeit scary?  I think that a persons whole life is made up of risks that they have to handle.    Why shouldn't mine be any different?  After all don't you just sink or swim?

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