Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Scarlet Dreams

     Have you ever read The Scarlet Letter?  No, seeing the movie with Demi Moore in it does not count.  If you have read the book then you'll understand this: Hawthorne is so dry and wordy.  Who needs to use one sentence when you can write a paragraph?  No instead of just saying what you need to, Hawthorne makes you suffer with him.  The story-line itself is impressive and fun, no wonder they made a movie of it.  But everything he adds on to it makes it almost unbearable to read.  Nothing was simple.  But I wasn't the one who decided to read this, it was for my English class.  Which mean analyzing something that is so boring you don't really care about it.  That's how things work though, it's a good piece of literature and shows  how the author is showing that the United States has changed and just how it has changed.  If you really want to know what happens, don't watch the movie.  The first half of the movie is before the books even starts and when they merge everything is turned upside down by whoever wrote the script.

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