Thursday, November 1, 2012


At the last football game of the season.  My class had a bake sale to raise money so that our prom would e cheaper.  We doesn’t the food look great?!?!  People bought a lot but we still had some left over…. just kidding that’s a lie.  As the game ended two of our player mothers said that they would buy whatever we had left.  It was so sweet and while I don’t know how much we raised I would guess it’s around $300.  So even though none of you where there, probably, I just feel like thanking everybody I see so THANKS!!!  I can go to prom without spending as much money.IMG_1692IMG_1693IMG_1694IMG_1695IMG_1697IMG_1700IMG_1701IMG_1702IMG_1703IMG_1704IMG_1706

People loved the food too, I have to complement my grade there on being excellent bakers.  There was something for every taste.  We got a bunch of support for something that while isn’t the most important thing in the world, is something that we’ll never forget.  Now I just have to find a prom dress!!

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