Friday, October 4, 2013

Let's Talk Sports

   I know that from everything on this blog I seem like a pretty girly-girl, which is kinda true.  I do however, love watching professional sports; in fact I think my mom is getting me ice hockey tickets for Christmas this year.  One sport I absolutely adore is football, no not soccer, but gold old American Football. Don't get me wrong, soccer is amazing and I love playing and watching it.  But I'm much different when I'm watching football.

    I get so rilled up...yes the kind of rilled up where I'm yelling at the TV to people that can't hear me.  I'll jeer at the other teams and get annoyed when bad calls are made.  This is especially true for the teams that I don't like.  When I say that I don't like them, it's pretty serious.  There is a different level of dislike for these teams, sure not as bad as other things, but still bad.  I grew up in Western Pa, so of course I'm a Steelers fan.  Yes, I know they aren't doing well this year but I can't help but love them.  I do have a soft spot for the Bears though.  On the other end of the spectrum are the teams I would never root for.  These are basically as follows, The Patriots, the Cowboys, the Jets, the Ravens (especially them), Notre Dame, and The Ohio State.  It may seem like a lot but there are plenty of teams out there.
    I think that I really like football because I just grew up with it.  My school's team was pretty good, Penn State is just a way of life where I live.  That means that we always watched them.  Of course there was professional football with my favorites!  All day Sunday, once on Monday and Thursday.  There's really not much else you could ask for.  It's a cultural thing, everyone just loves football where I'm from.

   There are somethings that do upset me about football right now.One is that most of the teams I like kinda suck right now.  But another thing is how they're taking away everything that makes football what it is.  Please keep the running game strong.  Passing every play is boring and it won't always work.  If you have a strong running game you can easily get short yardage.  I also think that while the rules needed to be made more strict so that people don't get hurt, that at this point it's turing into something it shouldn't.  We're paying these people millions of dollars to play a game that's slowly turning into flag football.  I just don't think it's the right thing to do.  That being said, once again I understand it's for the players' safety but I do think at some point it might be a bit too much.
   Either way I'm still in love with the sport.  What sports do you love to watch?

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