Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Every Day Make-Up

   Yes, I had to bring it up.  I wear make-up to school everyday or when I'm going out (not if I'm just going to the grocery store but if I'm going to dinner or something such as that).  Most of the time I use the same products, a eye-liner, a liquid eye-liner, mascara, a cover-up, and a powder; I'll wear a foundation depending on how my skin is looking.  I use drug store make-up for every day since it's much less expensive
The powder I use is the Maybelline Fit Me! line.

I use this for my water line, although I don't go all the way across.  I only go about half way.
This is the Rimmel Water Proof Black

I use the Rimmel Glam'Eyes for my top lash line.  I usually go for a cat eye for just a smaller flick outwards.

I absolutely LOVE the Covergirl mascaras.  I use the green for my bottom lashes and the top two for my top lashes.  I use the purple before the orange and I find that it makes my lashes look amazing; people sometimes ask if I'm wearing fake eye-lashes.

The cover-up I use is also Rimmel.  Can you find a pattern?  I just use this for any very noticeable flaws on my skin.

     With my make-up I like to have a bolder eye while keeping the skin quite natural.  I also really love the retro style and try to incorporate that into my make-up.  Like I said earlier, I don't always wear make-up but I think it can really help complete an outfit and make it stand out.
   I think it's important to mention that while make-up is fun and you can do so many things with it, you're all beautiful without it as well.  There's not a necessity to wear it, but it's just something some people enjoy.   
    What kind of make-up do you all like to sport?

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